Final Attempt

I tried to start,
Before it starts, it ended,
Then you tried to start,
But you were avoided,
Reason was nil,
Both of us were ill.
You pretend to remain happy,
And I calm,
But it harmed,
Eventually you want me,
I want you; not complicated,
Let’s get integrated.

But who will start,
You; who ended?
I; who avoided?
You were guilty,
Moreover I was filthy,
You also didn’t want healthy,
I always expect wealthy.

Let’s move into past,
What had happened at last?
Why we were so fast?
Why we dropped our caste?
Why were we bonded?
What had exploded?

To prove, in physic, you need derivation,
In chemistry, you need reaction,
In mathematics, you need solution,
But to prove my love,
You gave me no option,
You never tried to solve,
Always live with anticipation.

I don’t know what are you now?
But I know you will make me grow,
I can’t tolerate your absence,
Please do stay in presence.


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