I wanna hear again…

A life in tragic,
when heart sought for magic,
when you want ecstasy,
the bubble of fantasy,
a rational life with maturity,
where delightness is no more authority,
where everything seems curiosity,
the heart with old memories,
here I am alone,
searching your clone,
wailing on mourn,
all those fading memories hurts,
this bleeding heart never clots,
what can I do except cry,
reminiscing your creative sly,
on those dead woods of spring,
I see my life withering,
you smiling..
here I’m wailing,
you smiling..
here I’m crying,
you smiling..
here I’m dying,
you smiling..
you smiling..
you smiling..

Now nothing else matter,
and I’m ready for flight,
all I want is,
you do remain in my sight,
because with this life,
I can’t fight


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