Keep Me Logged In


Days will pass on,
You will forget soon,
Memories that we shared,
Incidents that we cared,
Not cause of ego that we stored,
It’s cause of anticipation to live more.

Voice still unheard,
Image still not revealed,
Privacy still locked,
Intimacy still unsought,
But emotion ruling at top.

A day long chatting, staying offline,
Flattering others saying, I came for you just a while,
Chatting from black coffee to white house,
Even forgetting to touch a mouse.

From miff to sniff, ecstasy to sly,
Everything we try, but never let it dry,
Emoticon was smiling, but my heart was crying,
You never understood, what I was trying.

From sign In to sign out,
From Hi to Bye,
I found many shy,
But I stopped at you, why?
Every time my heart shouts,
This is Achyut Pokhrel signing out….


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