I Love You

blusjh When I was child I used to see Aladdin and Jasmine.
And I used to wish, if my Aladdin could take me in his magical carpet.
Then I grow up,
I understood the difference between fairy tales and reality.
But I didn’t quit my wish.
My want to fly. Meanwhile I found you.
No doubt, you hadn’t that carpet and sanity inside me was not dead to ask you for that.
But to my surprise, I started flying.
With you.
I wonder how it can be possible.
How it was possible that this gravity of selfish earth became so pity in front of our love and we started flying.
Dear, now I don’t want to get down.
I want to fly higher and higher.
I want to color those soft clouds and add your fragrance to those dead souls.
And we will enjoy colorful rains.
Please don’t let me go down even I wanted to.
Please don’t let me fall.
Hold me tight.
Hold me like my hero.
Thank you for this wonderful ride.
You are my hero.
Where else this heroin will go?
We will make happy ending.
I love you.


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